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Preventing Mat Rust – Taking Time Off BJJ

Nick Hinton Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Therapy

Let’s face it….there are going to be some times during the course of your Jiu-Jitsu Journey that you’re going to have to take a break. Whether it’s injury, illness, family, work, or other life-related obstructions, taking time off BJJ is something we’ll all have to do at some point. Most of us already have. For those of us truly addicted, …

cryotherapy for recovery

The Hunt Continues: Cryotherapy for Recovery

Nick Hinton Therapy

On hunting for the best supplemental therapy options currently available to your modern BJJ practitioner, cryotherapy for recovery is VERY popular these days. In our last BJJ recovery blog, we took an in-depth look at floatation therapy as a method of soothing your body and mind, while giving you an incredibly beneficial dose of often-needed magnesium. Cryotherapy for recovery is …